bonsai apple tree

apple bonsai tree

Apple bonsai tree Apple bonsai tree is a simple and elegant plant. Its leaves are small and in spring has white and fragrant blooms. In addiction, this plant, produces a good and colorful fruit. It is easy to grow and is suitable for the creation of a bonsai fruit tree. Apple

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pomegranate bonsai care

Pomegranate bonsai tree

Pomegranate bonsai tree informations Pomegranate bonsai is very appreciated for its enchanting blooms, and for its ease cultivation. The pomegranate is a plant belonging to the Punicacee family suitable for the creation of a fruit bonsai. Exposure and temperatures: during spring, keep the pomegranate bonsai in full sun to promote

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bonsai azalea

Azalea bonsai tree

Azalea bonsai tree informations Azalea bonsai trees is one of the most suitable acidophilic plants for the creation of a flower bonsai. The most widely cultivated varieties include the azalea Satsuki or rhododendron indicum and the azalea Kurume or rhododendron kiusianum. Azalea bonsai – curiosity : azalea bonsai in Japan

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