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Dog rose, care and fertilisation

Dog rose, the tough plant mother of all roses Rosa canina, or dog rose, is a wild rose belonging to the Rosaceae family. Native to Europe and western Asia, it is a popular species of rose. It often grows in fields and forests but also in gardens. This thorny shrub

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Fertilising and carving Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkins – Health and well-being for our body Pumpkins are vegetables with ancient origins belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, like courgettes, melons, and other fruits and vegetables. They have important nutritional properties, including diuretic and calming properties. Rich in carotenes, substances that the body converts into vitamin A, pumpkins also

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broccoli recipes

Broccoli: cultivation, fertilisation, and recipes

Broccoli: varieties for our autumn vegetable garden Broccoli, or cabbage, is among the cruciferous vegetables that should always be a part of Mediterranean diet. Mostly, they are green leafy vegetables. However, there are also a few exceptions of root vegetables such as turnip, horseradish, or radish. Varieties of broccoli include

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How and when to plant tulips

Planting tulips Planting tulips is very simple, just follow small rules and precautions to ensure health and well-being to these beautiful bulb plants. Ideal for decorating balconies, terraces and gardens, tulips are much appreciated by garden enthusiasts. So, this article will cover all the fundamental aspects of tulip cultivation. In

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